Debate in Østerbrohuset Wednesday February 15th, 2006.


Who wants a Clash of Civilisations?

Dialogue instead of a Clash of Civilisations




The global financial crises and the increasing resistance against Cheney's and Bush' lies and illegalities is putting the Bush and the Blair government under pressure. They desperately need a war - this time against Iran .

How did Denmark become a leverage in the Clash of Civilisations? What foreign interests control the Jyllands-Posten and CEPOS?

The British have manipulated the Middle East through the Muslim Brotherhood since the Sykes-Picot agreements.

We need the Eurasian land bridge and a new just world economic order.



Listen to the speeches from the meeting.   The discussion that followed.



                                                                                                     Hussein Askary                       Hussein Askary and Tom Gillesberg


Tom Gillesberg - Chairman of the Schiller Institute in Denmark (first speaker, in Danish).

Hussein Askary - Middle East correspondent for Executive Intelligence Review  (starts after about 45 minutes, in English).

Feride Istogu Gillesberg - former candidate for parliament and a leader of the LaRouche Youth Movement, LYM, in Denmark (the last 5 minutes).


The discussion period is with Tom Gillesberg (in Danish) and Hussein Askary (in English). 60 persons participated in the meeting.



Below are illustrations from the meeting:



Lyndon LaRouche.



Editorial: Clash of Civilisations

Jyllands-Posten September 13, 2001, First section, page 10.

By the editorial staff


The terror against the USA seems to demonstrate the truthfulness of the sensational thesis professor Samuel P. Huntington put forward a couple of years ago in his book on “The Clash of Civilizations”. After the end of The cold War the confrontation between the different political systems and ideologies have been succeeded by a fight between different cultures and religions. To an increasing degree this clash is assuming the character of a confrontation between Islam in its fundamental radical version and the West. More and more it looks like the masterminds behind the murder attacks in the US has to be found among Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East. Here and everywhere in the in the Arabic world the terrible terror has been met with laud enthusiasm and hideous scenes of joy.

These excesses attest to so fundamental differences in the view of life politically, economically and religiously between the Freedom ideals of the West, with its emphasis on the inviolable rights of the individual and a middle age darkened perception of the world, that nobody deserves that these differences all the time are toned down and even explained away in the holy name of integration. Those that hail those cynics, that staged the horrors in New York , have no right to be tried understood. They attack the democracy and the free world. They have to be fought. It is time that the West wakes up and acknowledges the threat we are confronting. Already professor Huntington pointed out, that time is on the side of Islam, since the numbers of births in the Islamic world is rising a lot faster than in the west. We do not have much time. As important as it is to state, that not the entire Muslim world is fundamentalist, and that not all of the Islamic world supports the terror in USA, as important it is, that the West is showing realism. We have to believe in ourselves and our values. And we most emphatically should not be afraid to honestly state, that we do not want to sell out.



Dick Cheney



The Eurasian Landbridge






Article on the Sykes-Picot agreements.



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