The German national radio Deutschlandfunk covers Schiller Institute demonstration

Copenhagen June 22, 2007—Step by step coverage of the Schiller Institute is coming into German media. Yesterday there was coverage in the paper die Welt. Today the program Europa Heute (Europe today) on the German national radio Deutschlandfunk had a report from Denmark on the political fight for or against a bridge over Fehmarn Belt, that would connect Denmark’s capital island Zealand with Germany.

The report started with a recording of the members of the Schiller Institute singing at a demonstration in front of the German embassy. The German song is a homemade text to a Haydn canon (in translation): "The Danes are saying yes, the Germans are saying no, yes, no, let’s build the bridge, don’t think so small, a great country doesn’t think so small".

The Copenhagen correspondent Marc-Christoph Wagner is voicing over and says: "The group of demonstrators in front of the German embassy is not too big. "Say yes to the Fehmarn Bridge" can be read at a banner. The German ambassador in Copenhagen, Gerhard Nourney, is handed a model of the bridge, a pr-stunt, nothing more".

The reporter dared not to say (as he had promised beforehand) that the Schiller Institute was behind the singing and the demonstration. The rest of the program then has small interviews and reports for and against the bridge. The song can be heard at The report can be heard at[tg]

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