Translated by Michelle Rasmussen

(A picture of the back page can be seen at: Extra Bladet is one of the two major Copenhagen tabloid dailies, owned by Politiken. The editor-in-chief of EB is the former chairman of the Conservative Peopleís Party, Hans Engell. Jeppesenís back-page column is always in an ironical, satirical tone. -mr.)

Big headline: Sell, Sell, Sell, Sell!

Kicker: Jeppesen has gotten a first-hand report about a coming economic collapse

Half-page picture of Tom Gillesberg, being interviewed by journalist Jeppesen, with his little dog, Sophus, listening to Tom. Behind Tom are a painting of Raphaelís School of Athens, and Tomís recent election poster, with his name very visible, and less visible, New Bretton Woods and a bubble with ďDerivatives, Housing Bubble, Inflation.Ē

Picture caption: Tom Gillesberg possesses shocking information. Derivatives will be abolished, and all of us will go broke. Unless, of course, we listen to Tom. And we will!


I should really have written a back page about Hanne Vibeke Holst, who would give her opinion about multiplicity in society. But on Stroeget [the main downtown pedestrian street-mr] in Copenhagen, there are some people who are going around with signs saying ďStop CeposĒ (the new Danish European-style liberal think tank, which has George Schultz as honorary board member -mr.) and ďStop Dick Cheney.

    So itís not because I donít like you, Hanne, but once in a while, there is just something that is more important.

-- Why are you on the street with those signs?

    I am sitting across from the man behind the scene, Tom Gillesberg, in his and the Schiller Instituteís office in a basement in Frederiksberg.

-- Itís to warn against a clash of civilizations.

-- Yes, but that is quite serious!Ē

-- Yes, itís not about the freedom of expression and the Mohammed cartoons, but about that this crisis has been planted by a cold and cynical network.

-- Shit!

-- And one of their subdivisions is running this operation in order to get a war against Iran.

Already in March

  -- Do you have any suspects?

-- There are people like David Gress, who sits on the board of JPís [Jyllands-Postenís] fund. He was a journalist for just two years before he got put on! And he is also in Cepos.

-- But what if you canít stop them? What happens then?

-- Then there will be a war against Iran already in March. France has already announced that they are sending a warship and atomic-powered submarines on maneuvers in the Persian Gulf.

    Tom makes quotation marks and big eyes when he says ďmaneuvers.Ē

-- And then all the soldiers in Iraq will be hostages, and oil will rise to 100 dollars a barrel, and the economic system will collapse.

-- Now I better understand why you are on the street!

-- Yes, we can make sure that people donít fall for this.

-- But is it working? Will you succeed before it is too late?

-- I think so. We are getting a lot of response, and we are running this [campaign] internationally.

    He nods. I breathe a little. It looks bad.

    He looks at me in the eyes.

-- They have George P. Schultz as an honorary member. He has been on most of the committees under Nixon. It was he who orchestrated putting Pinochet in power, and he was the architect behind the Bush administration.

-- Who has him?

-- Cepos.

-- But you have Radio Schiller.

-- Yes, and there are more and more people listening to it, even though we exclusively broadcast on the internet. I put out a commentary of at least one hour, every week.

   It is quiet in the little office. I clear my throat.


A question of weeks

  -- What if you donít succeed? If a collapse comes?

-- Then we have a plan in the form of a new Bretton Woods system.

-- Excuse me?

-- Itís a fixed-rate monetary system.

-- Wouldnít it have been be easier if you had been elected to the city council?

-- Yes, because that would have created a political earthquake.

-- How will Ritt [Bjerregaard, the new Social Democratic mayor-mr] handle it alone?

-- She should make a plan for what she will do when the housing bubble bursts.

-- Can you unveil a little bit when that approximately will be?

-- 2006.

-- Will that, then, affect the price of bubble baths?

-- I, principally, donít have anything against that. But I am an optimist. We will succeed in stopping chaos and war.

-- How many do you have in the field?

-- Five. But it changes a little. And it is an international campaign.

-- Do you have a wife and kids?

-- Just a wife.

-- You must greet her from me.