Lyndon LaRouche on the idea of a Danish maglev-network

Lyndon LaRouche addressed a Berlin LaRouche Yotuh Movement cadre school and then answered questions for some 90 minutes on April 21, 2007. The following is the answer to a question from Feride Gillesberg.

Q: Hi Lyn, it's Feride.


Q: I actually wanted to know, how do you think about this development in Denmark [with the discussion of the Schiller Institute proposal for a Danish maglev-net]? How do you see it strategically? Because it seems likes it's not over yet.

LAROUCHE: Well, very simply. You had the project, Tom [Gillesberg] got this project started, didn't he? All right. Now, the project is started, it's taken a certain level. Why not just think about creating a movement, like a society, associates of the cause of getting this program through? And getting it through with the idea of developing, as Helga did years ago, with the Eurasian Land-Bridge map: Why not just take this, and take Denmark, which is cooperative, and you have Sweden is now going to become more sensible now that they're fighting to get back to a nuclear program; and take this thing, this nucleus. Because Denmark has this character, it's this thing sticking out into the northern seas, right? Ever since the Saxons ran up there, to get away from Charlemagne, you've had Danes up there. And it sticks to Jutland and so forth, and here it is, it's part of the North Sea navigation system. All right, so it also is an input, because it means that not only through the Baltic, but in other ways, Denmark is a hub of transportation. The ratio of seacoast and border, to interior territory is very high. It is essentially, Jutland from the days of the sea robbers, was a maritime power! So, therefore, the idea of a transportation from maritime to land, and throughout the continent, for Denmark makes a lot of sense. And since they already started with this bridge system, for highways, and you have only a temporary retreat in the impulse toward a maglev system, which will come back, what you need to do, is probably create the idea of Denmark {having an identity} as the connection to China, across the intervening territory of Europe! Hmm? [laughter] And I think you probably will find a lot of Danes, who would just {love} to sit back and be, "Ah! That's what we are! That's what we are!" [laughter]

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